the fix #15 | “FLY-WIRE” brand art graphic – NIKE

It’s been too long since my last installment of “the fix”. I intend to pump the sketches out much more frequently than I have as of late.


This piece is an ode to the Nike’s trademarked technology “Flywire”. The concept is simple – use cords to create a lockdown system that interacts with the motion of your foot. Of course, I couldn’t leave it at that, deciding to transfer the tech from the technical to the abstract. Rather than keeping the shoe grounded, I went with allowing the “wires” enabling the shoe to take flight, as advertised, in hot air balloon fashion.

This is the first of a series I am looking to create. Any suggestions or requests, as always, are welcome.




the fix #13 | extended holiday

ninja claus
ninja claus

This one didn’t quite make it in time for the Christmas holiday, I hope you can forgive me. I just didn’t feel like waiting until next holiday season to put this up. Anyhow, here’s my idea.

Considering the notion that St. Nick silently infiltrates homes without a sound leads me to suggest that he probably is a highly trained ninja. This really is the only logical explanation, considering the fact that he’s an extra large man. He’s been doing this for years – he’s old school.  From this, I gather that his footwear of choice is probably a pair of Chuck Taylor’s.

the fix #12 | holiday edition

Non-denominational holiday figures can hoop too.
Non-denominational holiday figures can hoop too.

If this image doesn’t ring a bell for you, just google “wings poster”.

the fix #11 | thanksgiving day edition

hope you all had a happy turkey day

the fix #6

one look at this, and Dieter Rams would “SMH”

Building on the last episode of ‘the fix’, this time I set my sights on a concept that is geared to create the most secure fit imaginable. Instead of the conventional way that laces tighten against the shoe’s upper to create lockdown, this design uses cables (not just a knock-off of Nike’s “dynamic flywire”) attached to the sides of the tongue. The laces tighten the cords, which feed through channels in the upper, pulling the tongue back around the foot.

The goal of these mechanics are to bring the foot tightly to the back of the shoe and create enough downward tension to reduce slippage. In theory, this will improve fit and maximize responsiveness. …Simple enough, right? It’s still a work in progress, but you gotta start somewhere.

Sneak peek

Top view | Sans-roof

Here’s a snap-shot of my senior project – a home designed for the “Average American Family” as a counter to the ever-growing trend of cookie-cutter “mini-mansion” type construction. The idea being to use space more efficiently to create a more comfortable, tailored, and all-together more enjoyable living habitat. Less than 2000 sq. ft. in total.

Full project soon to be added to my portfolio page. Stay tuned!

Details: 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Kitchen+Dining room, Living room, 2-car garage.

Master bedroom retreat (only room of upper floor), “green” materials and construction methods.