graphics | branding

Here is a collection of exercises for both personal projects, competitions, apparel graphics, etc. Many of them fall into the category of brand identity, encapsulating the feel of a brand, concept, organization, or team into the form of a symbol. Enjoy! As always, your thoughts/questions are welcome.   Advertisements

graphics | Columbia t-shirt design competition entries

Back for another round! This is the second competition Columbia Sportswear has hosted letting designers take a stab at getting some apparel graphics into production. The voting poll is now open to the public! I have four entries in this round, and if you find that you like one or more of them, I would…

graphics | Columbia Sportswear T-Shirt Design

A few weeks ago, Columbia Sportswear held a design competition through for an original T-shirt design. The goal for the project was to merge the essence of Columbia Sportswear’s outdoor adventure heritage and the imagery of their iconic logo. They served up a select variety of design submissions to the public for a vote,…

Back to P-town

As I’m headed back to Portland to attend PENSOLE’s Pensoleography|Adidas workshop, I’m reminded of the logo I was able to establish for myself with many tweaks resulting from lots of feedback from some great classmates.