FIELD&STREAM Vortex Hunting Boot



The result of a design competition via for a hunting boot for the outdoor retailer Field&Stream. My design was produced and sold at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

These are a lightweight, athletic model that is both insulated and waterproof with GORE-TEX.


design | practice (rendering)

A little footwear render of an aesthetic that I’ve grown a little fond of. You might recognize this shoe from a previous post, in sketch format. As always, I try to not only keep the skills I’ve learned up to date, but improve them as much as possible. This┬ápiece is just a little rendering exercise for the sole purpose of practice.

talkin bout practice??
talkin bout practice??

Comments, suggestions, critiques are welcome!


woodwork | flat-pack DIY coffee table

Coffee tables are a dime-a-dozen. They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. The idea behind this particular concept was to figure out a way to make one that would eliminate as much waste as possible, use the least amount of materials, and require the least amount of tools necessary to make it. In essence, this is the goal when it comes to streamlining manufacturing processes.

The table here only requires one sheet of wood for the entire table, and the only waste leftover should be a small pile of sawdust. Its construction requires no screws or hardware, the legs simply slide together and the table rests snugly on top. This allows the table to be quickly set up and put away when space is in high demand.

Coffee anyone?

footwear | NEWTON “Fly Ride” concept

Developed for a design competition for Newton Running, this shoe concept was intended to appeal to the mid-level runner that is looking to make a transition from a traditional running style to a more natural forefoot-strike technique. It’s construction is designed to allow for great flex and breathability, and to provide an intuitive natural running experience. Pieces to the puzzle were minimized in order to reduce weight and manufacture costs.

Inspiration was taken from biomorphic forms, which feature reinforcements and structure where only where it is necessary. The reasoning behind this is that, if you are aiming to outfit a “natural” runner, the goal should be to equip that runner with the very basics.