FYE | “The Chief” – Italian Alpine Marble Quarry

The Chief
Il Capo (“The Chief) – Italian alpine marble quarry

Sometimes things just take your attention without warning or even relevance. It could be the colors, textures, sounds, or perhaps a combination of these aspects that make something stand out. Often, the surprise and unrelated-ness (forgive my verbiage) of the subject at hand are the very reasons the experience is so impactful. In my humble opinion, the very best inspirations come from items of this nature. Inspiration in it’s most organic form – unsuspecting.

This is a prime example. The Chief (Il Capo) is a documentary created by Yuri Ancarani – based on the workings of an Italian alpine marble quarry. It is shot beautifully, and shows great contrast in many senses of the word. This clip from the film gives powerful perspective to what one might likely assume to be a very rough and unrefined process. I’ll stop writing and let you be inspired yourself.

Click the pic, or click here, whichever suits your fancy.



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