the fix #14 | northwest way of life

For those who live in the NW, it’s no secret how much precipitation we experience. It’s part of the price we pay to enjoy the green scenery and makes us appreciate the gorgeous summer season that much more. Today’s “fix” is inspired by the city of Portland, in particular. It’s part of a current project but I figured it might be something to share.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

"streets of Portland"
“streets of Portland”

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  1. The Son says:

    shit, if i had at least sketching skills like yours…

    1. Thank you sir!
      I’m a work in progress. All it takes is practice.

      1. The Son says:

        the same i could say about writing. practice makes perfect. lately, i’ve been writing only poems in english, but i’ve ben told that my prose in Romanian is the shiznit. looking forward to seeing the project finished!

      2. That’s sweet – being able to express yourself at that level in two languages. PROPS!

      3. The Son says:

        Thanks šŸ™‚

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