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A few weeks ago, Columbia Sportswear held a design competition through for an original T-shirt design. The goal for the project was to merge the essence of Columbia Sportswear’s outdoor adventure heritage and the imagery of their iconic logo. They served up a select variety of design submissions to the public for a vote, and when it was all said and done, one of my designs received first place. I am very grateful for everyone that took a minute to vote for my design – I mean it! There’s a chance this may make it into production sometime in the future, so keep your eyes open and fingers crossed. Stay tuned also, as there is more comin!

My take for the competition was based off of the idea of the four classic elements that make up our planet – earth, wind, fire, and water. I took those and made a graphic for each one, blending them into the hashes that make up the Columbia brand logo. Earthy tones were used to give it a northwest feel, since the company HQ is located in Portland, Oregon.

Columbia final - TY-01

I threw in a couple different iterations that were developed along the way, but didn’t quite make the cut.

Columbia final - TY-02



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