the fix #8

every time is doodle time

I try to keep my sketchbook handy, in case I feel a little inspired with an idea or just need to scratch the itch that is my love to get things down on the pad. For this round of ‘the fix’, the idea was an “ideal” vehicle. Disregarding physical and technical limitations concerning proportions, manufacturing, etc., I just let my mind wander and came up with these three ideas. Just in case you wanted to know, I used pencil, sharpie, and prisma markers.

First | The buggy.

The idea being to make a fun-to-drive “go-cart” that can take you to off-road destinations, while still protecting you from the elements. It turned out to look something like the F-117 reincarnated in vehicular form.

Second | The van.

Guys will agree, minivans aren’t exactly packed with empowerment for the manly man’s self image. I used a very classic silhouette just adding some flare that would add interest, such as the airliner-esque side windows. Case in point, guys want to bring their kids to school in style.

Third | The sportscar.

Pretty self-explanatory. If it’s supposed to be really fast, it should look really fast. Going off my personal preferences regarding aesthetics, with some consideration of aerodynamics and downforce included, this was what my brain said to the paper via my left hand. As far as color schemes are concerned, this one gives an example of what I feel is the next phase in color fads (for the auto industry, at least). Neon colors (along with stickers, unfortunately)found their way into the mainstream with the help of media influences such as ‘Fast and Furious’ the movie. Candy paint and color flop (color shifting paint, aka “chameleon”) was popularized by hip-hop culture, and matte (flat) finishes are currently “in”. Everybody seems to want flat black everything. My idea for the next phase in color trending is deep colors. I’m talking colors so dark you can barely tell there is color at all (besides black). It would be a sort of luminescence that would show up only on the corners and curves of objects, where the light is refracted and the color becomes more evident. I’m not putting any money that this will happen next, it’s simply my idea of the future based on my observation of the past.

As always, comments/questions are always welcomed. I hope you enjoyed this installment of “the fix”!


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