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Sketches | Thanksgiving Day Turkey

Thought you might enjoy a turkey rockin some Sorel Caribou’s. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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footwear | FIELD&STREAM Vortex Hunting Boot

Not too long ago, I participated in a design competition via for a hunting boot for the outdoor retailer Field&Stream. I was fortunate enough to place 2nd overall, and … Continue reading

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graphics | Columbia t-shirt design competition entries

Back for another round! This is the second competition Columbia Sportswear has hosted letting designers take a stab at getting some apparel graphics into production. The voting poll is now … Continue reading

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FYE | “The Chief” – Italian Alpine Marble Quarry

Sometimes things just take your attention without warning or even relevance. It could be the colors, textures, sounds, or perhaps a combination of these aspects that make something stand out. Often, … Continue reading

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FYE | Abandoned Warehouse + Unlimited Paint

Very rarely are artists provided unlimited resources to be able to go nuts with their craft. A group of graffiti artists were granted that opportunity – unlimited spray paint and … Continue reading

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the fix #15 | “FLY-WIRE” brand art graphic – NIKE

It’s been too long since my last installment of “the fix”. I intend to pump the sketches out much more frequently than I have as of late. Anyhow. This piece … Continue reading

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design | practice (rendering)

A little footwear render of an aesthetic that I’ve grown a little fond of. You might recognize this shoe from a previous post, in sketch format. As always, I try … Continue reading

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graphics | branding

Here is a collection of exercises for both personal projects, competitions, apparel graphics, etc. Many of them fall into the category of brand identity, encapsulating the feel of a brand, … Continue reading

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the fix #14 | northwest way of life

For those who live in the NW, it’s no secret how much precipitation we experience. It’s part of the price we pay to enjoy the green scenery and makes us … Continue reading

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graphics | Columbia Sportswear T-Shirt Design

A few weeks ago, Columbia Sportswear held a design competition through for an original T-shirt design. The goal for the project was to merge the essence of Columbia Sportswear’s … Continue reading

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FYE | Minuum …the end of QWERTY?

This may seem like another gimmick to some, but I think these guys are really on to something with this development. I can appreciate the fact that they didn’t settle … Continue reading

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FYE | Popular Science – MIPS – Helmets & the NFL

For this installment of “For Your Entertainment”, we look to Popular Science Magazine. They recently published a great article detailing the state of the NFL’s precarious situation concerning brain injuries. … Continue reading

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graphics | I create.

Decided to get a thought down in the form of a desktop background. Enjoy/comment/save it/leave it, as you wish.

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FYE | El Mac mural @ Adobe Utah offices

If  THIS  doesn’t inspire you even just a little, wake up. “Rapt Studio commissioned artist El Mac to do a large scale mural in the main atrium in Adobe’s Lehi, Utah … Continue reading

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the fix #13 | extended holiday

This one didn’t quite make it in time for the Christmas holiday, I hope you can forgive me. I just didn’t feel like waiting until next holiday season to put … Continue reading

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the fix #12 | holiday edition

If this image doesn’t ring a bell for you, just google “wings poster”.

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the fix #11 | thanksgiving day edition

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graphics | passion for sport

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the fix #10

One of my top 5 Disney characters has to be the infamous archer, Sir Robin Hood. I had the urge to doodle and decided that such an iconic character deserved … Continue reading

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woodwork | flat-pack DIY coffee table

Coffee tables are a dime-a-dozen. They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. The idea behind this particular concept was to figure out a way to make one that would … Continue reading

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footwear | pensole x adidas adipure “maritime” windsurf shoe

This project sums up my ventures at Pensole Footwear Design Academy where I attended the Pensole x Adidas workshop. The experience consisted of constant learning and working that gave a … Continue reading

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the fix #9

A little ball fake action for ya.

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graphic layout | brochure

A graphic layout exercise for a tri-fold brochure. Branding style and consistency was the goal.

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the fix #8

I try to keep my sketchbook handy, in case I feel a little inspired with an idea or just need to scratch the itch that is my love to get … Continue reading

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the fix #7

Doodle time.

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the fix #6

Building on the last episode of ‘the fix’, this time I set my sights on a concept that is geared to create the most secure fit imaginable. Instead of the … Continue reading

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footwear | NEWTON “Fly Ride” concept

Developed for a design competition for Newton Running, this shoe concept was intended to appeal to the mid-level runner that is looking to make a transition from a traditional running … Continue reading

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woodwork | handy

A simple wooden step stool I made, with a couple features that set it apart from the rest of the step stool population.

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The poor man’s armchair | designer furniture for the rest of us

Certain pieces of designer furniture can seem so simple (beautiful, nonetheless) that a designer price tag seems hardly justifiable. Yet, there is always that moment when you eyes grow twice … Continue reading

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the fix #5

Gettin’ some ideas down on paper for a performance hoops shoe. Playing with geometry a bit to find a balance between flex, sretch, and support. Thoughts?

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teaser | PensolexAdidas Footwear Project

I’m working to get this project fully put together, but figured a little preview in disguise was in order. Stay tuned for the final results!

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FYE | Adidas Primeknit – Construction process video via ‘Freshness’

Regardless of which brand released knitted footwear technology first, this video by adidas gives a pretty good look at some of the process that goes into creating a shoe/sock. Click … Continue reading

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poster | Ode to the Olympics

The Olympics have come and gone, but thousands of children have been inspired to be active after seeing their favorite athletes compete at the 2012 London Games.

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The Mad Chemist | tee concept

Given the surprising off-season the Los Angeles Lakers have had thus far, something had to be done. For me, it came in the form of this concept tee. Just the … Continue reading

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Dirk Nowitzki | tee concept

Das Jumpshot. Sir Dirk Nowitzki is the most graceful 7-footer in the league. It is not common to find such a pure shooter among men who share his frame. This … Continue reading

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“Ninja” | CHAMP golf spike concept

This project will be going up on the Portfolio page soon. But for now, you can check it out here!

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In my white tee.

A little something to break the silence. Recently I was mulling over some ideas for tees, and from that, you get these concepts. You may be so keen as to … Continue reading

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pride in your ride

Just a reminder for those who unceasingly dream of better/faster/more expensive cars.. If you are currently driving a vehicle, you are a privileged person. So for this 4th of July, … Continue reading

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FYE | Entering the Workforce: for Dummies | da Vinci’s Resume

Leonardo da Vinci was way, way ahead of his time. Before receiving recognition for his works, he was (like myself) on the job hunt. At the time he was specializing … Continue reading

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Daily Fix #4

Refining the same design for an extended period of time can be pretty taxing. Sometimes you just gotta let the creative juices flow a little bit and let whatever comes … Continue reading

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Woodwork | Bookshelf

The end of bookends An original design for a bookshelf that holds whatever you need, minus the unexpected tipping and scrambling to keep your books upright.

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Pensoleography|Adidas ……so far

As expected, it’s been truly interesting and educational working with adidas projects and getting feedback from adidas designers. Here’s a couple shots representing my experience as of yet. Can’t show … Continue reading

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Back to P-town

As I’m headed back to Portland to attend PENSOLE’s Pensoleography|Adidas workshop, I’m reminded of the logo I was able to establish for myself with many tweaks resulting from lots of … Continue reading

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Daily Fix #3

Had to draw somethin today. An aesthetic I’ve been wanting to develop for a while. Still workin on it.

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Sneak peek

Here’s a snap-shot of my senior project – a home designed for the “Average American Family” as a counter to the ever-growing trend of cookie-cutter “mini-mansion” type construction. The idea … Continue reading

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Design for Floyd Mayweather Contest | VOTING NOW OPEN

The aforementioned boxing shoe concept (previous post below) is now open to public for voting! Click here to participate and view mine and the submissions of others to vote for … Continue reading

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